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Handouts and References

March 8, 2019
Dr. Bill Robbins         Handout      Form

January 11, 2019
Drs. Fontana and Guzman         Program

November 2018
Mr. Douglas Sligting                  Handout

March 2018
Dr. Michael R. Sesemann           Handout

January 2018
Dr. M. Nader Sharifi       Handout   Outline (abridged)   Outline (Full Size)  PowerPoint Handout

April 2017
Associated Bank           Handout
Jeff Barostic, Adam Younk, Bret McKitrick

March 2017
Dr. Jonathan Parker       Handout   Epworth SS     OSA Questionairre      Bed Partner Questionairre     Informed Consent     Oral Appliance Directory

January 2017
Dr. George Mandelaris     Restorative Leadership    Cortocotomy Ortho

May 2016
Col. Brudvik                    Handout         Book

March 2016
Dr. Jeffrey Rubenstein       Handout

October 2016
Sang Jun
                                   Handout takes you to Dropbox, click on DentalForum_OCT_SangJun.pdf, then click on Download

May 2015
Mary Osborne, RDH       Handout

January 2015
Dr. Gary DeWood 
   Handout takes you to Dropbox, click on Milwaukee Handout, and then click on Download

                                Splint Flow Chart       Orthotic Night Guard        Orthotic Wear Guard        Orthotic


March 2014
Dr. Dennis Hartlieb      Handout

January 2014
Dr. John Svirsky          Handout

November 2013
Dr. Howard Glazer       Handout

May 2013
Dr. Ken Waliszewski            Handout
Dr. Francisco Alencar          Handout
Dr. Paul Moyer                    Handout

March 2013
Dr. William "Bo" Bruce     Handout

January 2013
Dr. Denis Lynch   PowerPoint

November 2012
Dr. Jeff Rouse   Bio & Handout Combined

May 2012 
Drs. Burkhart & Rees   Handout   PowerPoint

March 2012
Dr. Daniel Melker     Handout

January 2012
Dr. Tim Hart             Handout
Dr. David Curtis       Handout
Dr. Peter Sohnle      Handout  Premedication Article
Dr. F. Chris Olsen    Handout

May 2011
Dr. Ken Reed      Handout

April 2011
Dr. Brian Schmidt      PowerPoint

March 2011
Dr. Henry Gremillion     PowerPoint     pdf

January 2011
Dr. Paul G. Luepke  
Handout      Form
Dr. Francisco Alencar Jr. -  Handout    Article

April 2010
Tim Caruso, PT Presentation

January 2008
Dr. Hodgson Presentation
Dr. Michael Waliszewski Presentation - big file, takes time to download!
Dr. Michael Waliszewski Handout

January 2007
Dr. Crossley Handout

October 2006
Dr. Robinson Handout
Tom Wirtz email

May 2006
Dr. Shuman handouts

October 2005
Dr. Foss handouts

March 2005
Dr. Kokich Web Site

May 2004
Dr. PD Miller handouts